Monday, December 14, 2009

Miller Canfield's "25 for 25" in Ann Arbor

Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers contributed to the renovation and landscaping of two Habitat homes in Ypsilanti.

Miller Canfield's "25 for 25" in Ann Arbor

Just in time for Back-to-School!

We delivered 50 backpacks and a cash donation to the Bryant Community Center for the school's back-to-school backpack drive, benefiting low income students.

In Summer 2009, volunteers worked a ticket booth at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Rubber Duckie Race for ElderQuest (Continuing Education at Eastern Michigan University).

In Fall 2009 for Arts Alliance, lawyers provided information for the arts and cultural community on intellectual property, taxes, incorporating, labor and employment, and additional topics as requested for individual artists, as well as entrepreneurs, and organizations involved in the arts and cultural community.

Miller Canfield's "25 for 25" in Ann Arbor

This commemorative logo was created for the Ann Arbor office 25th Anniversary.

Paving the way
In August, volunteers improved visitor trails and beautified trailways for the Creekshead Nature Preserve of the Legacy Land Conservancy.